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Old pipeline is creating a leakage issue?

Plumbing is a very important part in building repair work. Plumbing consists of Water supply & waste disposal. Water supply piping in a building is like veins carrying blood in a body. If there is clogging in veins, one develops major health issues, and similarly, faulty plumbing can lead to major issues in a building. Hence, Re-piping becomes imperative.

We solved the old pipeline issue here also

Steps to solve old pipeline issues


Take the survey of faulty pipeline

Old pipe-01.jpg

Remove old rusted GI pipeline

Old pipe-02.jpg

Install the good quality UPVC / New GI Pipeline & PVC pipeline

Old pipe-03.jpg

Make sure the fittings & clamps should be proper

Old pipe-04.jpg

Repair existing W/C and kitchen pipe joints

Old pipe-05.jpg

Waterproofing treatment while installation


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