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Regular assessment is a smart move that helps you ascertain the condition of the property in question. We offer a full structural audit which includes internal and external surveys of your structure with detailed measurements.


When properly undertaken, a structural survey brings to light any defects - new or pre-existing and helps you take timely and informed decisions along with prolonging the life of the structure and safeguarding the lives of its inhabitants.

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Prolong the life of your building by undertaking regular waterproofing assessment and services. 

  • Waterproofing structures in contact with the earth (horizontal & vertical)

  • Waterproofing roofs and other horizontal areas
    (e.g. terraces, balcony & chajjas)

  • Renovating old buildings

  • Sealing water tanks, water treatment plants and swimming pools

  • Waterproofing ‘wet room’ areas (e.g. bathrooms & kitchens)



At Supreme N Force, our team of qualified engineers tackles every project regarding major civil work using skillful techniques in a cost-effective manner. We also cater to problems arising from defects leakages with a range of innovative solutions that guarantee a longer life to your structures.

  • Plasterwork (internal or external)

  • Micro concrete

  • The recasting of RCC Members, RCC Coping, etc.

  • Brick Work

  • Gunning, injection grouting to RCC elements, etc.

  • Crack filling and separation groove filling etc.

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Regular painting not only spruces up your house and property but also beautifies it. But for a majority of us, painting is time-consuming and labor-intensive that requires several decisions and factors to consider. With Supreme N Force you can rest assured that the decision-making process is simplified and easy with the absence of stress to you or your home.

  • Specialists in coatings (textured, elastomeric, etc.)

  • Specialists in waterproof painting, etc.

  • Internal decorative painting, etc.

  • Wood polish, enamel painting, etc.



At Supreme N Force equipped to handle both residential and commercial properties our services include survey, service, and repair of plumbing works & fixtures. 

  • Removing and re-fixing of existing plumbing lines

  • Providing and fixing new UPVC / CPVC / GI / PVC plumbing lines.

  • Repairing joints and junction leakages

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